Why Building Biology

‘Building Biology is the evaluation and control of health hazards in the built environment (allergens, toxicants, electromagnetic fields and biotoxins unique to a water-damaged building) and provides strategies to address exposure and/or source control and abatement. Building Biologists trained through the Australian College of Environmental Studies are provided with the knowledge and the skills to take a comprehensive environmental exposure history, undertake a through site inspection, use technical equipment to quantify air pollutants, biotoxins and electromagnetic fields, analyse laboratory findings, and provide realistic and practical advice to provide healthier living environments.’ N. Bijlsma (Buildingbiology.com.au)

The Australian College of Environmental Studies (Buildingbiology.com.au) is a registered training organisation that is a world leader in Environmental Health education

We work with families and communities to create indoor living and work environments that are supportive of great health, which is everyones right.

We use cutting-edge environmental science to offer a full range of Environmental Testing Services for both commercial and residential clients, and for existing or new buildings. We use the latest in meters and equipment to take the data and assess possible health risks in the built environment.