Moisture and Mould

This assessment is to identify the source(s) of moisture, the extent of moisture damage that supports microbial growth, and to determine the spread of fungal particulate from the source of active growth throughout the home.
To determine the extent of water damage and microbial contamination we use a range of investigative tools including thermal imaging cameras, thermo-hygrometers, moisture meters, indoor air quality meters and boroscopes.

Types of sampling we undertake:
• Air Sampling
• Surface Sampling
• Dust Sampling

What does the assessment include?

• An initial interview over the phone and an online questionnaire to be completed before site visit to determine goals of the assessment.

• A comprehensive visual investigation of the site and building including moisture mapping and sampling (if determined necessary by scope and purpose of assessment).

• A written report based on the findings of the assessment outlining observations, moisture mapping, interpretation of testing/ sampling results as well as conclusions on the state of the property and recommendations on how to remediate and address water-damaged building materials as well as prevent future issues associated with water-damaged building.

• A follow up call.