I use science and common sense to bring safe and effective solutions to hazards in your home that may be affecting your health.

Studying Building Biology at the Australian College of Environmental Studies, my passion is helping people limit toxins in and around their home and work space.

My mission is to help you to create living and work environments, that will combat unexplained sickness and allergies for optimized health.

This is achieved by testing air and water and  assessing the built environment for potential chemicals, mould and hazards as well as measuring and mitigating harmful EMF levels.

I will identify hazards in your home and workspace and find effective solutions, this can often be overwhelming especially with big business tactics of deny, delay, distract and discredit that confuses consumers.

Did you know 25% of the population do not have the immune response genes that are required to form antibodies to biotoxins found in mould?

I do as my son is one of them, we went on a journey with his health as a strong healthy happy baby to tired, lethargic toddler with eczema, exhausted as it kept him awake scratching at night, nose bleeds and then on to  develop asthma struggling to keep up at sports with his friends.

After spending thousands on health appointments, medicine, supplements, and assessments we finally got some answers when looking at the environmental issues. Since assessing and mitigating this the change has been amazing no more eczema or asthma spray, back to being a healthy, happy well rested child, and I want to help show you how.

Moisture and Mould


Pre (Purchase/Lease) Inspections


Electromagnetic Fields Testing